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3D Wall Murals

3D wall Murals come in a wide range of designs, all of them designed to add a unique special effect to your interior. The glamorous 3D designs leap off the walls or penetrate the wall opening the doors to a new fascinating imaginary world. Weather you choose a monochrome or you go for a multicolour design, the 3D Wallpaper will completely transform your home interior. The 3D Mural comes in a selection of standard wallpaper finish, or sealed with a protection resin coat. The Standard 3D Wallpaper offers a range of four different textures to suit every interior. It is suitable for dry rooms, like living room, hallway, or in commercial premises like retail, offices, receptions and others. The 3D Resin Wall Finish is covered with a protection layer of resin, making it suitable for wet rooms as well. The top coat resin leaves a slightly textured scratch resistant finish making it a perfect choice for both, residential and commercial premises.